Mind Message

『誇り高く明日へ 。』
“With Pride, Beyond Yourself”

AGR Mind Message





Fun to Rugby

Once, Aoyama Gakuin High School and Junior High School’s Rugby team was widely known in Tokyo.Forwards have mobilities with the great courage, and Backs’ open attacks are played by brilliant passes.Even they are small, their “Never Give Up” spirits tell us that they have a honorable pride as they consider Rugby as gentlemanship.

They inherit their rugby spirits from their seniors based on Aoyama Gakuin School’s philosophies, and make sure to behave well in their daily life as well.This is Aoyama Gakuin Rugby club’s tradition, and we are proud of it.

Now, we as Aoyama Gakuin Rugby team’s OB, OG, our eyes to support them are not only making them a well-rounded student and helping financially, but also making them a considerable person for society and environment.

In addition, let’s remind the spirits and energize the organization by strong relationship between us, and continue passing our great pride to the next generation towards our 100 year anniversary.

会長 ご挨拶


会長 小村峰之(旧姓:郷内)


役員 ご紹介

会長 小村 峰之【旧姓:郷内】(学校対応、渉外・32 期)
副会長 鈴木 成明(ALL 青山、強化・33 期)
総括幹事 佐藤 英成(内外窓口、事務局・33 期)
幹事 綛田 茂昭(総務委員長・32 期), 平野 剛志(交流委員長・33 期), 池田 祐二(広報委員長・41 期), 杉山 公信(ALL青山委員長・35 期)
名誉顧問 越塩 邦弘(11 期), 斎藤 和夫(14 期), 川合 友文(15 期), 田中 浩明(27 期)
参与 <高等部>
藤井 徹也先生, 中久木 眞治先生, 上原 侑莉先生

依田 賢人

永井 健太郎, 比企 直久

竹内 隆太郎先生

綿井 浩介

三本 靖広, 尾身 嘉信, 和泉 健太郎, 浅田 就也
相談役 宿南 弘司(29 期), 酒井 直人(30 期), 市瀬 和敏(30 期)